Attempt do disturb subtly the structure of the public space  to enhance some details and create some situations from them
Everyday we follow straight lines to move from one point to another. In this routine people don’t pay attention anymore to these daily surroundings and are actually missing a lot. Dutch streets and behaviours follow a grid of timelines. It is all about efficiency, with no in between rest. No attention to the beauty of our daily traveling. It is noticable how few benches there are here for instance, apart from the ones in consumption areas. Yet there are so many hidden things and spaces that are sometimes even left vacant, as forgotten.How can we draw peoples attention on certain things they probably never look at ?We choose the long linear street from Piazza to the cross point of Van Abbemuseum. Our goal was to disturb with humour and in a subtle way this linearity, to attract peoples attention on small unnoticed spaces or facts,corners or create scenarios given by the spaces themselves.