A neighbourhood cabinet made from objects gathered in the houses of Rotterdam-Zuid meant for exchanging small things.
Commissioned project by Housing Company Havensteder Rotterdam.

From Bloemhof to Vreewijk (in the south of Rotterdam), the urban landscape is defined by a continuous flow of stuff. Things are piling up in the streets, in containers, in front gardens...
These broken chairs, fridges... and so called trash are the main material resource for certain citizens of the neighborhood and hoarders.
Gathering, fixing, selling or/and finding a second use to these unwanted objects is the way to go. People put things they don't want anymore in front of their houses, ready to be used by others.These habits naturally created a somehow sustainable microeconomy.

From all the little pieces I found on the front doors Olga Flor built a cabinet to which she gave back its initial position - as a storage for further exchange between the citizens of the neighborhood of smaller precious objects.